Sounds of success for Buenamusica

In just three years, Manuel Treto's has become quite a successful enterprise. A U.S. based Spanish-language site dedicated to everything associated with music, now receives around 100,000 unique visitors per day from users around the world.

When Manuel first started, he knew he needed an ad network that would deliver both English and Spanish ads relevant to his U.S. Hispanic and Latin American visitors -- a one-stop shop with domestic and international inventory. "This was one of our biggest hurdles for monetizing the website," Manuel says. "Several of the networks I tried billed themselves as 'Hispanic networks', but after testing fifteen different ad networks on our site, we were happiest with AdSense. AdSense is better for Hispanic publishers because it usually outperforms all other ad networks by at least 50 percent in earnings, even those ad networks that are specifically targeted toward Hispanic sites."

With a staff of only five people, Manuel and his colleagues wanted a product that could adapt to their needs without requiring significant development resources. "The product's flexibility in terms of customization options is its most impressive feature," says Manuel. "What has worked the best for me is incorporating colors that are already associated with the site. We try to customize everything so that it matches the look and feel of the site, and users have commented on how nicely the ads fit into the page."

Manuel now employs AdSense ads on 100 percent of his pages. He also offers his users the ability to navigate through his site with the Google Custom Search Engine, which he has linked to his AdSense account. This has allowed him to monetize his search results and to generate additional revenue for the site. "The more exposure you give to Google the more money you are going to make, and every little bit adds up. I strongly recommend using other Google products. Using the Custom Search Engine feature is bringing a little bit of Google technology to your website, and you can't beat that."

If you'd like to share your own success story with us, please fill out our questionnaire. If you're not yet an AdSense publisher and would like to get started with Manuel's suggestions, you can submit an application today.

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