The AdSense API on an e-commerce platform

A few months ago, I mentioned how e-commerce sites could use AdSense to increase their overall revenues without changing their current business models. Today has taken it to the next level by using the AdSense API to allow their users to implement this strategy.

The core service of Zlio is to allow internet users to create and run their own internet shops. After a quick registration process, users can pick from millions of products and earn commission on every item bought from their ZlioShops. Aside from choosing their products, future shopowners can select from a few different templates to give their shops the look and feel they want. Finally, these shopowners can add text to describe the products and highlight their favorites.

Today, as added functionality, Zlio users can also add Google ads to their shops. Very much like what we currently offer via Blogger, users can pick shop templates that already include AdSense ad units without ever having to dig into the HTML code of their shop. We hope that this new API will help bring AdSense to existing Zlio users, and also that current AdSense publishers will try Zlio as a way to increase their current AdSense revenue.

The screenshot above shows an example of a shop offering scuba diving items -- you might notice that two AdSense ad units and one link unit have been placed on the page. From a revenue perspective, 60% of all the revenue generated from AdSense will go to the shopowner.

If you wish to create your own shop and associate it with your current AdSense account, you can visit and follow these steps:
  1. Select a general template for your shop.
  2. Create your own shop by choosing among the available products.
  3. Once you have selected products, go to My Zlio Shop > Revenue Model > AdSense for my shop.
  4. If you aren't an AdSense publisher yet, you can apply for an account through Zlio. If you already have an AdSense account, enter your AdSense e-mail address and your current zip code.
  5. Log into AdSense and grant access to Zlio to use your publisher ID by clicking on My Account > Account Access.
  6. Go back to your ZlioShop, where you'll be able to view your products and relevant Google Ads.
If you wish to learn more about the AdSense API and how you can use it to integrate AdSense sign-up and ad creation into your site, visit the AdSense API website.

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